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Dear Cousin

Most people have a natural desire to know the history of their family. The RISLEY, WRISLEY, or RIZLEY family was founded in America by RICHARD RISLEY SR who came here from England in 1633. He was one of the founders of Hartford and the Commonwealth of Connecticut in 1636, and a signer of the Fundamental Orders in 1639 the first written constitution in the history of the world. Our family is among oldest and largest colonial families in the United States.

We have as our inheritance an honorable, worthy, high-minded ancestry whose labors and achievements should be perpetuated. Our forbearers have bequeathed to us a heritage of which we are justly proud. We should be able to share and enjoy the knowledge of those people who, by the grace of God, prepared the way for us.

In 1889 the first family reunion was held and The Risley Family Association was formed. Then, in 1906 The Descendants of Richard Risley, Inc., was incorporated in Connecticut. In 1909, Edwin H. Risley published the first Risley Family History. Reunions were held for several decades, in later years in a less regular basis and interest waned. In 1977 a Committee of Correspondence was formed and with the interest and support of descendants in all branches of the family the Association was reactivated by Roy and Verna Goold of Brockport NY.

The Risley Family Association is compiling, recording and preserving and sharing the historical and genealogical records of our fore-bearers. Our newsletter, The Risley Record is published for our members; we also issue Certificates of Membership attesting to the lines of descent of our members.

We will render assistance to persons desiring to trace his or her lineage back to Richard Risley. It is our wish to assist you in a reasonable way with the desired information about your Risley ancestry, and to offer possible genealogical research assistance. We hope that you will wish to share with us the information that you have about your family, as we desire to share with you all of the vital data about the family that has been entrusted to our care. We are endeavoring to trace all lines of the family descending from Richard Sr. to the present. With more than a million descendants this is an extensive research effort. We do have the most extensive records of the family ever assembled and they are increasing.

This is a large and continuous undertaking. Will you join us in this important and worthy Family project? Kindly send us the dates and places of birth, marriage and death, giving the names of your parents, grandparents, and as far back as you can. We have forms for this purpose in this website with instructions for completion of them and how to submit them to us for processing and approval.

To accomplish these goals your financial support and participation is needed. The annual dues are $10, the application fee for new members is $10. Can we count on your support through this nominal sum?

The standard of excellence has been set by our forbearers. They have passed the challenge to our generation; it is now our turn to carry them forward. It is hoped that you will be interested and wish to participate. We look forward to receiving your reply and to sharing with you the records of the rich heritage which is our birthright.

Cordially yours,

Ronald D. Risley, Esq., Major, USAF (Retired), President


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